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First of all: I can't believe we have yet to chat here on the imagi-blog about how Britney Spears was found to be a less fit parent than Kevin Federline. I'd like to think it's because we're too high-brow to care about such pedestrian topics… yet I know that's not true. So — feel free to discuss!

More amusingly, Sinead O'Connor was apparently on Oprah Winfrey today, where she discussed her history of bipolar disorder and claimed that she "feels for Britney."

O'Connor said it seems the media is constantly watching for Spears to make a mistake raising her children, but that no parents are perfect.

"I think to attack someone as a mother is very dangerous," she said. "I would say that's what puts a young girl on a precipice which is very, very dangerous, in my opinion. Some people may end up really regretting the way they're treating her."

There's something profoundly bizarre to me about Sinead sticking up for Britney, though I can't quite put my finger on what. It's also bizarre to me that Sinead is 40 years old. 40?!??! That makes The Lion and the Cobra 20 years old, right?