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The Seattle music scene clearly has some unsung heroes, and the behind-the-scenes supastar for tonight's show was clearly Martin Feveyear.

In addition to producing one of my favorite Northwest releases of last year (Slender Means' Neon and Ruin) and about, oh I don't know, a zillion other records, Martin has the distinct honor of having produced records for all three bands who graced the Croc's stage: Siberian, The Divorce, and the CD-releasing guests of honor, Sirens Sister.

First up, Siberian had an unassuming air on stage typical of Northwest melodic bands who are too talented for their own good. Much like the aforementioned Slender Means, Siberian has Brit-influenced soaring melodies, extremely skilled musicians, and a sense of quiet grace onstage — not to mention a guitar player who bears more than a slight resemblance to Chris Walla. TIG just got a pre-release copy of their forthcoming debut full-length, and the record will surely earn them a hearty spot in KEXP rotation and likely garner them fans all over. Incidentally, if you read this article in time, we're going to debut a track from the record when we're on KEXP this Saturday (Sept 30, 2006). Listen in and prepare for your next Northwest rock infatuation.

Sirens Sister. Oh, Sirens Sister. Sometimes a new release comes that you just know is gonna be hyped, and Sirens Sister's debut release Echoes from the Ocean Floor was certainly one of those records.

And no wonder — with a lineage including former members of Alien Crime Syndicate and Vendetta Red (including Zach Davidson from Vendetta Red on lead vocals), you know people were gonna take note. And sure, the naysayers are gonna call these guys derivative. Even I was skeptical upon first listen (um, Bono circa 1983 called me and demanded he get his voice back). But I dare any power rock fan to listen to "Kissing Her" or "Hold On" and not hear the catchy refrains echoing in the happy musical caverns of your brain. I'm a convert, I'm psyched, and I for one was super excited to hear Zach's stupendous voice rocking some melodies.

And what a voice he has, especially live! The band encompasses elements of several divergent yet stellar elements from the 80s — the wailing guitars and vocals of early U2 and Echo and the Bunnymen old wave meet the bravado of early 80s power rock in a crashing live performance. The end result was a great show by a band that clearly relishes the stage. No self-effacing Northwest modesty here; this is music that makes you want to huck your training bra onstage. In a good way.

The Divorce. Photo by Breanne Koselke.Speaking of boys who make teenage girls go giddy, how effing long are we imaginary girls going to have to wait before we see Shane and Jimmy from The Divorce on the cover of Tiger Beat Magazine or something?? It feels like we've spent an imaginary lifetime watching these fellas tear their way through live shows, disarming audiences with their melodic indie rock and roll charms.

Specifically, I feel like the Divorce has been teetering on the precipice of OMG SUPERSTARDOM for a couple of years now, and tonight's show offered a glimpse into the songs they're about to record for their third record — with Martin Feveryear, of course. As we girls like to say, third time's always a charm, and we have high hopes that this will be the record to do it. Especially with our new BFF Martin at the controls.