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I'm true fan of the "scene that celebrates itself" and probably have more shoegazing records than half of London. That said, Skywave fit nicely into my collection. These boys from Psychedelphia have a true admiration for the noise staples of My Bloody Valentine and the Jesus and Mary Chain and they do a great job of blending those elements together to make a cohesive record.

Now here's the complaint: I've heard this all before. One of the downfalls of most "shoegazer" bands is that they have the tendency to play their favorite records. They don't try to fuse those elements into something else or look outside of the box to push things forward; they just sort of swish the water of the same pool around and around. Now this doesn't mean that that the record is bad by any means. If you're a fan of any of the Creation Records, you'll find that it takes you back to driving around getting stoned with your buddies, talking about, "that sound, man". But it doesn't evolve musically as a general whole — it just swims safely in familiar territory.

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