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Opening strains of "Sakura Sakura" suggests the album will be heavily Asian flavored, but most of the album, Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts suggests a more global sound that could be found in Germany, UK, and New York and beyond.

The lead singer of The Slants, Aron Moxley has a recognizable voice but pinpointing the match? Interpol? Nope… Elefant? Not that either…. Cause & Effect? Quite Possible… Maybe it is just wanting The Slants to sound like something already existing in the universe. There's something familiar in the songs. It's 90s poptastic and yearning. It's synth-clash-y and driving. It's at times punkalicious and bouncy.

Have a listen to "Capture Me Burning" which takes the listener driving through a metropolis at night where the underworld and party comes alive. "Hakuri Murakami" just needs smoke and laserlight. "I Want Everything" should get everyone pogoing in concert. "KoKoro (Fall to Pieces)" is most reminiscent of Cause & Effect.

The Slants have an accessible, likable album in Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts. It hits several musical genres that keep it interesting and enjoyable. It may not be the best album you've ever heard. It may simply be a fabulous conglomeration of music that you already own and like.