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{The 70's Gold Soft Rock Cover Nite is this Thursday, 10.13.05 at the Sunset, and features members of Math and Physics Club, Dear John Letters, Argo, Central Services, The Withholders, Crown Aruba, Braden Blake, and igDana too.}

Long-time readers of TIG know that I've made no secret about my early love of Journey. But what I perhaps haven't shared is another deep, dark secret of my musical past. I love 70's soft rock. Not disco. Not prog rock. I mean soft, sweet, FM radio classics: Bread, The Carpenters, Rod Stewart, Dr. Hook, Captain and Tennile. And I love it without any sense of irony.

So when our dear friends Valbert and Aubrey Smart of The Withholders approached me (drunk, at my karaoke birthday party) and asked if I would form a band for a 70's AM Gold Soft Rock Cover Nite, I was pumped!! High on vodka and my karaoke prowess, I had no fears about fronting a band.

To this end, I've formed a little cover band full of people way more talented than I am: Saundrah Humphrey (Math and Physics Club) on violin, Jaime Clapper (ex-Jeunes) on bass, and David Bos (ex-Jeunes, Daylight Basement) on guitar, Heather Henricks for her first ever live performance on drums, and um, me on vocals. We call ourselves The Afternoon Delights, and we're gonna open the night for tons of other great local bands paying homage to the softest of the rock songs. The roster includes members of Math and Physics Club, Dear John Letters, Central Services, Argo, The Withholders, Crown Aruba, Braden Blake, and more! Plus there's going to be soft rock trivia contests and prizes, and I'm hoping the nice bartenders at the Sunset learn to make Harvey Wallbangers for the occasion.

Please come. Come because this is likely the first and only time I will ever front a band and I am excited. And by excited I mean, terrified. Speaking of terrifying things, we will be wearing some fabulously authentic and awful 70s fashions, thanks to the ever awesome Anna Banana and Pretty Parlor.

If I seem to come on too strong, I hope that you will understand. I say these things 'cause I'd like to know If you're as lonely as I am… and if you mind… Sharing the night together. Oh yeah. Sharing the night together.

{You can share the night together with igDana and The Withholders and friends on Thursday night October 13th at the Sunset in Ballard. Tickets are only $6, and doors are at 8p, with the bands starting right at 9p. And if you're feeling lucky, punk, enter to win a free pair of tickets!}