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A few weeks ago, flying to LA, I tried to distract myself from thought of impending doom. To say I don't do well flying is putting it far too lightly. Since I don't go the Xanax route of surviving the process, I absolutely have to have one thing when I fly: Death Cab for Cutie. Also John Vanderslice, sometimes J. Tillman, but always DCFC.

This particular round of hanging out 40,000 feet in the air was the bumpiest flight I've had to date, and Narrow Stairs barely did the trick to keep me from screaming or passing out. I thought of all the TIG'ers and wondered if anyone else clings to certain bands when they think they're going to fall out of the sky. Do you have one go-to album? Does it change over time?

What's your (musical) anti-anxiety drug of choice?