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In case you didn't notice, Three Imaginary Girls has gotten a makeover! For our sixth birthday, we've treated ourselves to a brand new logo, a whole new color scheme, with all the same great content.

We've been wanting to update our logo for ages, to more accurate reflect what Three Imaginary Girls has become. While we started as literally three girls, traipsing around to shows night after night and writing about them, TIG has evolved into a whole community of writers, photographers, and fans — currently with over 50 contributors who help keep the site running every day. So we've removed the likeness of the three girls from the logo, and moved to something that more accurate reflects what we've become. We like the nod to our three-girl past that the birds convey (and it feels so UK-friendly, too), but more importantly, we wish to show how the site has taken flight, so to speak. 

Plus, those birds are just so darn whimsical and cute, and we were ready for some new colors. Green is good. 

The logo was designed by the incredible Corianton Hale, and we think he did a rockin' job of it. I keep looking at the new site and just grinning from ear to ear today. 

What do you think of our new look?