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By Laura Musselman

(photo: Laura Musselman)

A new EP by Chadwick, “Seattle’s hazy electronic pop producer,” just arrived in the inbox and the track, “Sunrise Fire” feels like a perfect mid-morning soundtrack for the promises of sunshine bestowed on today. To speak in analogies, “Sunrise Fire” pulls from the camps of early Ride / The Charlatans UK, and sounds as if it was remixed by speckled sunbeams and fizzy beverages (not to sound cloyingly hippy). Other tracks on the EP might wander into dreamscapes territory, but this lead song on the EP has a foot firmly (and lovingly) in early 90s brit-shoegazer-pop. {listen!}

Of course, if we want to talk about songs that are perfect for sunny afternoon frolicking, my pick will always be Hello Seahorse! – “Won’t Say Anything” (video below) or “Good Ol’ Fashion Rump Shaker” by Hood Internet (mixing Matt & Kim and Beastie Boys).

What songs will be your soundtrack for a sunny Wednesday?