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Spiritualized will be at the Moore Theatre on Wednesday, April 3, 2019 (ticket & show info).


“Here It Comes (The Road) Let’s Go” by Spiritualized is one of my favorite songs from 2018 (more about that here). Like most every other Spiritualized song I love, it’s soothing and cerebral. Its layers of drones upon whispers upon bleeps calm me into a state that is part heightened awareness and part serene calm. Even when a Spiritualized is the most brutal (like on “A Perfect Miracle”), the lyrics wrap around my head and warm my synapses.

Darling, you know, I’m sorry
I won’t get to see you this week
Lately I’ve found I don’t need you around
I don’t think it’s working out anyway
Anyway, and…

Then, to supercharge the senses, Jason Pierce, AKA J.Spaceman, fills the air with grand layer upon layer drum+organ+vocals, like in “On the Sunshine” (or “The Morning After” when things get downright toe tapping-y before descending into an intoxicating horn freestyle that makes me lose track of time).

Spiritualized are on tour in support of their new album, And Nothing Hurt. It’s their eighth album and follows suit with the transcendent (lullabies) they are sooooo good at crafting. There are have been rumblings from J.Spaceman himself that this could be the last record (and one could deduce, possibly the last tour?). In other interviews since that “break-ups” proclamation, he’s sounded more positive about a future with Spriitualized (hanging out with the songs on And Nothing Hurt can do that to a guy). Either way, let’s go spaceman out together at the show on April 3, 2019.