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Film fests always sneak up on me and by the time I get my arse in gear to get to the theater, the film fest is nearly over. This year, I've marked my calendar and even been lucky enough to have a dear friend with good taste send a cheat sheet of what movies to see at this year's 2007 Lesbian & Gay Film Festival should I tear myself away from the laptop and headphones (thanks AW!).

The film fest runs from tonight through October 21st and there's over 165 films and videos from across the globe to choose from.

To get the full skinny on the films featured over the 10 days and nights, check out the Three Dollar Bill Cinema's website.

Behold, Howlin' Allan Wolf's 2007 Lesbian & Gay Film Festival picks:

It's that magical time of year when Seattle movie lovers get their gay on: the 2007 Lesbian & Gay Film Festival!

VIVERE – Sat. Oct. 13, 3pm Harvard Exit
The Witnesses (Les Temoins) is getting a lot of attention as the International Centerpiece, but we think this one from Germany is just as great. Bonus! Afterparty at Feierabend with free beer and food from Der Motherland.

XANADU SING-ALONG – Sat. Oct 13, 9:30 pm @ Cinerama
Is it necessary to elaborate? This 80s musical extravaganza starring Olivia Newton-John and Gene Kelley features way, way over-the-top performances and music by the Electric Light Orchestra. Hosted by Peaches Christ with an O.N.J. costume contest!

CHINESE BOTANIST'S DAUGHTERS – Sun Oct. 14, 4:30 pm @ Cinerama
If there was ever a movie to experience at the Cinerama, this is it. Gorgeous cinematography in this epic love story set in 1990s China.

BLOOD ON THE FLAT TRACK – Mon. Oct . 15, 9:45 pm @ Harvard Exit
Ass-kicking documentary on Seattle's Rat City Rollergirls.

TWISTED FATE: SHORTS – Tue Oct 16, 6 pm @ Harvard Exit
Shorts collections are always a mixed bag, but this is a good one. A favorite is MOMMY'S HOUSE, starring Veronica Cartwright and featuring Jerrod Littlejohn (who also appears in the "Showbears" trailer for the festival you may have seen on YouTube, LOGO TV and The Stranger's SLOG).

MUSIC BOX: SHORTS – Wed. Oct. 17, 6pm @ Northwest Film Forum
Besides being all music oriented, these shorts are all actually short, perfect for short attention spans (like ours). The Scream Club dance-off and Team Queen high school musical videos are must-sees.

PARTING GLANCES – Thu Oct 18, 7pm @ SIFF Cinema
This classic from 1985 is the first film to be restored by the Outfest Legacy Project. After premiering at Outfest this summer, this pristine 35mm print (struck from the original 16mm negative) is showing here at the amazing new SIFF Cinema at Seattle Center. Next stop: Lincoln Center at $100 bucks a pop. It's a film that deserves all the hoopla and care, a breakthrough when released in the mid-1980s for defying gay stereotypes and launching the career of a scene-stealing Steve Buscemi.

BUTT: SHORTS – Thu Oct 18, 9:45 pm @ Harvard Exit
To know BUTT is to love it. This short film collection was curated by the creators of the edgy & awesome BUTT zine for London's Tate Modern. After the screening, celebrate what you love about BUTT at Pony, the Capitol Hill hotspot where the sun doesn't shine.

AN EVENING WITH JANE LYNCH – Fri Oct 19, 7:45 pm @ Broadway Performance Hall
Live and in person, the hilarious 'out' actress discusses her work and films. Among her many memorable roles, Jane starred as the lesbian dog trainer in BEST IN SHOW (and also appears in most of Christopher Guest's other films) and played the twisted Best Buy manager in THE 40 YEAR-OLD VIRGIN. There's an afterparty at La Spiga and this will surely sell out, so get your tickets in advance.

THE KING AND THE CLOWN – Sat Oct. 20, 2pm @ Broadway Performance Hall
One of the highest grossing films in Korean history, this vivid and often amusing portrait of life in the 16th century's Chosun Dynasty is the kind of film you need to see on the big screen to truly appreciate.

Also recommended are the opening night film THE WALKER, Paul Schrader's new film starring Woody Harrelson, Lily Tomlin and Lauren Bacall, and closing night's ITTY BITTY TITTY COMMITTEE, featuring a soundtrack full of Olympia's finest. The ticket prices for these two are a little higher because they include big post-screening parties with free food, booze, etc.

On the other end of the scale is the GAY TV DINNER series happening at Central Cinema for only 6 bucks per screening, with affordable (yet tasty) eats and drinks on-site. These will be fun, especially 'Cruising the Gay Bar' on Fri. Oct 19. Check out the site for more info on the other nights.