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I know it's post lunch on Monday, but I'm on the edge of my seat to find out what those of you in Seattle did this weekend to make the most of the blissful Saturday weather? And the packed show calendars… whatdja see?

I think the most notable thing I did this weekend, besides all the obvious things, was partake in my latest obsession of hitting estate sales. Magnolia seems to be *the* place to find all the stuff I wish my grandparents held on to for 20 years too long. What can I say, I love grandma-chic. And fancy-shaped trees/bushes like this sight (below) I found across the street from one of the places I stopped this weekend. It is like part Brady Bunch, part John Waters and so out of my league. Oh Magnolia, you and your fancy yards and vintage wares!

Anyone else have fun photos of sunshine drenched good times? Or ones that took place inside a dark and festive venue? You can post them here (max 450 pix wide, please) or add to the Three Imaginary Girls Sparkly Indie-Pop Photo pool.


Magnolia, Magnolia