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I'm going to chock this one up to an April Fools joke that momentarily zapped me in my pre-coffee Sunday morning haze. Seattle Metroblogging posted a damn funny article about how they were purchasing The Stranger and had some pretty strong ideas on how to change it… ideas that included TIG!

"Oh, I forgot to mention — Line Out will be spun off as well, under a new name: Seattle Rocketblog. Yup, the Seattle Rocket is coming back in web form after all these years, and it will feature content from Three Imaginary Girls as well as tourblogging from some of Seattle's best bands. And those old Rocket classifieds looking for new bandmates? They're coming back too — completely free, and better than Craigslist."

Thanks for the great laugh, Dylan W and co at Seattle Metroblogging.

{It was a joke, right??!?}