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Director BJ McDonnell (HATCHET III) isn’t messing around with the gore in STUDIO 666 — there’s an explosion of bloody splatter almost as soon as the film starts. But the reason that most people will want to check this film out is for the Foo Fighters. Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel, Pat Smear, Taylor Hawkins, Chris Shiflett, and Rami Jaffee (the subject of many of the film’s jokes) all share screen time in this over-the-top horror-comedy. 

Frustrated with the Foos’ inability to record their tenth album, record label exec Jeremy Shill (LOL) played by Jeff Garlin, threatens to kick Dave’s ass if they don’t get to recording soon. Grohl states that he needs someplace “magical” to record the album, and Shill has an idea: a spooky, dilapidated mansion in Encino. 

While the rest of the band can’t really see the specialness of the house, Dave is convinced the drum acoustics are *perfect* and that they need to move in for a month to write and record the album. Unfortunately there’s an evil spirit haunting the house that simultaneously starts picking off the band members one-by-one and seducing Grohl to be its conduit. 

STUDIO 666 is exactly as silly as you think it is; bordering on the edge of Bro Horror – there are just enough dick and sex jokes to make me cringe, but not quite enough to make me hate it. The comedy parts that I did thoroughly enjoy involved Dave making a lot of meta-jokes about how difficult he is; in particular having his roadie move his drum in tiny increments, only being able to write the same songs over and over, and declaring his dead roadie “would have wanted us to stay and record” so he can get those killer acoustics on tape. 

And hey, if you’ve ever wanted to hear Grohl sing Lionel Ritchie’s “Hello” (with a cameo by the man himself!), you’re in luck. While the one hour and 44-minute length does stretch a little too long, there are some genuinely funny moments here, and I did really appreciate all the goopy, blood-soaked practical F/X. 

The cast is rounded out by American Horror Story regular Leslie Grossman as a pushy real estate agent, Whitney Cummings as a clairvoyant neighbor/Foo fangirl, and Will Forte as a food delivery guy who sadly never brings enough Ranch. Plus, a great little cameo by horror master John Carpenter – who also wrote the theme music! 

This is definitely the kind of horror film you want a big group of friends to watch with for maximum enjoyment, and I’m sure Foo Fighters fans will be thrilled to see them doing something completely different. It won’t be one that sticks me long-term, but it’s a fun watch.