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On the way to the Seaweed show, I totally cracked my freaking kneecap open and had to stop for a little first-aid fix, so I missed being in the park's gates for Seaweed's first songs — but on approach as I walked through the gates, the Tacoma band was marching strongly through two of my faves – "Free Drug Zone" and "Magic Mountainman." Instantly my knee felt better and a smile spread across my face. This was like old times.

I feel like I spent a past lifetime with Seaweed as the soundtrack. Many a weekend of my youth was spent rocking out to this band live. The last time I saw them was at last summer's Bumbershoot — their reunion show, the first in about 10 years. Then, while I was super excited to see Seaweed live again after so long, it was obvious that they hadn't rehearsed as much in years past. I forgave them easily — after all, it was a reunion show — and it was still fun as hell to hear them live again.

But. here today, playing under the blazing sun in the early afternoon, they slayed. Polished and full of spunk and vigor, they walloped quickly through their allotted 40-minute set, squeezing crowd favorite "Start With" in toward then end. The core contingent of front and center fans, dancing and hand-waving along, clearly agreed that Seaweed dominated their early time slot.

Frontman Aaron Stauffer, basically like a big grown-up kid still pysched about skatepunk and rocking out, danced his way around stage, rallying like it was still 1993. And mad props to him for psyching me out, too. As I was checking in to the show, he called out the fact that GIRL POWER was playing an impromptu set just outside the festival's grounds. "Did you check out the Spinanes, too?" My mouth was still agape as I heard him chuckle. "Yeah, that's because they didn't play."