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Here’s the post I’ve been wanting to / aching to write for about five years now:

WELCOME to the new!

Say HELLO to our redesigned and rejuvenated website! It’s the site that hugs you back with 100% more imaginary love!

We are on a speedier new platform, our navigation and tags are cleaned up, and our photos and fonts are bigger. Our main goal was to put the focus on the content – to clear the path of distractions and streamline things so that it’s quicker and easier for you to read about your next (or current) favorite band / film / show.

For those who like a little TMI – we’re now on WordPress (smell ya later drupal!) which means the site functionality is quicker (use search much?) and it’s easier to use – for both you (our brilliant site visitor) and us (having a streamlined CMS makes sharing news on our website headache-free!).

That’s not to say that there weren’t some growing pains as we switched over.  With over 8,300 articles, there’s bound to be some wackiness. As you click through the new site you might notice:

  • some posts have double photos – a photo might appear twice at the top of the post.
  • some broken links – with the conversion, we lost our URLs. At first this made us super sad, but we’ve comforted ourselves that our new URLs are friendlier and are easier to search.
  • photos look blurry or are missing – remember the web circa 2003? Screens were small! So photos we thought were large at the time seem positively teeny now. Moving forward we can share photos that are so big and pretty… and now the fuzzy photos can take on a more “artsy” feel.
  • podcasts are missing – we’re still figuring out where to save those really large files. Podcasts are one of our favorite things to put together, so we hope to have those (and maybe even new ones) up soon!
  • the handy and helpful TIG recommended shows calendar is missing – we’re working on that and just about there. We’ll let you know when it’s ready (twitter / facebook).

But, all of that is minimal in the imaginary scheme of things. The new Three Imaginary Girls is now ready and able to begin the begin, rather than follow you into the dark.

We are so ready to begin the begin with you.

Many thanks and hugs!
The only thing more exciting that announcing our new site, is the opportunity to thank all of those that helped get us to this point.

Hugest of huge thank yous to those amazing peeps that supported our indie-gogo campaign and helped get the word out. Thank you thank you thank you a million times.

Hugs to all our imaginary friends who offered advice and comfort during this (prolonged) transition – especially and to Aaron, Amie, and Embracey. Everyone’s support means more than you’ll ever know.

Go forth and be imaginary
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Top photo: Thanks to Lena / Flickr for the beautiful record and record player photo (creative commons).