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Seattle Pop Punk Festival 2019

The Seattle Pop Punk Festival {January 10-13, 2019} is more than your usual weekend of great music and festivities – it also includes a limited edition 7” release, Dim Sum, and amazing sets by tons of bands, including the return of some of the Pacific Northwest’s most notable and important bands.

(1) The release of a limited edition 7” you will love and listen to on repeat

The 7″ is by Lisa Marr with the Tranzmittors and it will be available at the festival (you can also pre-order it online).

Remember Cub? Lisa Marr is a founding member of Cub – the amazing Vancouver, BC indie-pop band who brought us “My Chinchilla” and “New York City” (perhaps made most famous by They Might Be Giants on their album Factory Showroom and which is probably one of your favorite moments at every TMBG show you’ve ever seen).

I like to think that their jangly guitars and poppy punk songs brought cuddlecore to the masses and proved that an all-female band can pop-punk all others out of the water. In short, they were my dream band who made the world in the mid-90s so much cooler and much more enjoyable. In case I need to further cement their cred: there was even a period of time in which Neko Case was the band’s drummer. Cub broke up in 1997 and each went on to form other bands (for which I’m grateful).

But, what I’m most grateful for is that in 2019 we see the release of the new (very limited edition) 7” by Lisa Marr with the Tranzmittors. BTW, the Tranzmittors part of the band features PNW notables from Vancouver pop punk legends The Smugglers and the New Town Animals.

The 7” features four new recordings by Lisa Marr with the Tranzmittors:

  • “In The Summer” – a cover of the song originally by the Fastbacks (from their album Very Very Powerful Motor)
  • “Magic 8 Ball” – a cover of the song originally by Cub (from their album Box of Hair)
  • “Pretty Pictures” – a cover of the song originally by Cub (from their album Betti Cola)
  • “Salvation” – a brand new song (by Lisa Marr)!

Oh, and Lisa Marr with the Tranzmittors will be performing on Friday January 11, 2019 (night 2 of the SPP festival) at Corazon/Funhouse (full line-up details below).


(2) A Pop Punk Dim Sum lunch meet-up in the International District (House of Hong)

Is there a more fun way to lunch than Dim Sum with festival friends and bands? Um, no. House of Hong has a history of some great Dim Sum, so whether you’re a seasoned Dim Sum-mer (which I’d like to suggest as the name of your new band) or a first-timer Dim Sum-er, this is the lunch for you (more details here).


(3) Three nights of amazing music, culminating with a Young Fresh Fellows set at El Corazon / Funhouse

Even after just a quick look at the festival schedule (below), we’re stunned. The Young Fresh Fellows are back and ready to make our dreams come true. There’s also the return of the Wanna-Bes (one of Seattle’s best Ramones-core bands) – who are reforming for this one night.


As the first festival of the year (that I know of), I can’t think of a better way to start the year!’’

Tickets are still available for each event. You can also buy a 2-night festival pass to the Friday and Saturday shows or go night by night.


Here’s a sampling from each band (in case you aren’t convinced already) with the full festival line-up:


Thursday January 10, 2019: Night 1 at the Kraken

8:15-8:45 – The Disorderlies
9-9:30 – Hilltop Rats
9:45-10:15 – Heck Yes
10:30-11 – Kids on Fire


Friday January 11, 2019: Night 2 at El Corazon/Funhouse

(tix) (2-day pass for Fri + Sat)

7:00-7:30 – Cheap Cassettes
7:40-8:10 – Waffle Stomper
8:20-8:50 – Who Is She
9:00-9:40 – Dreadful children
9:50-10:30 – The Hextalls

10:40-11:20 – Lisa Marr with the Tranzmittors (I’ve already told you how excited I am about this set!!!)

11:30-12:10 – The Wanna-Bes (reforming for 1 night)


Saturday January 12, 2019: LUNCH!!!

11:00AM Pop Punk Dim Sum at House of Hong (more details)


Saturday January 12, 2019: Night 3 at El Corazon/Funhouse

(tix) (2-day pass for Fri + Sat)

5:00-5:30 – Shaolin Hunks
5:40-6:10 – Ol Doris
6:20-6:50 – Skates
7:00-7:30 – Phantom Racer
7:40-8:10 – Junebugs
8:20-8:50 – Amsterdam
9:00-9:30 – The Subjunctives
9:40-10:20 – The Stand GT
10:30-11:10 – The Smugglers
11:20-whenever~! – The Young Fresh Fellows