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As avid imagi-blog readers are aware, Seattle lo-fi pop band BOAT have been hosting a "cover a BOAT song" contest of sorts on their website for the past almost month. Your days to enter are twindling — the deadline is this Thursday, November 15th!

The latest submission is from another local Seattle band, the Sea Navy. It's quite nice! Here's what the BOATs had to say about it

This is the Sea Navy's Jay Cox playing a gentle twangy version of "Last Cans of Paint" from the Songs That You Might Not Like LP.

Jay gets extra points for his liberal use of tremolo. This cover is perfect to listen to while drinking hot cider in a Seattle windstorm, maybe even a Tacoma windstorm.

Yes….the month of covers deadline is Thursday. We have received 6 covers in a matter of 24 hours here at BOAT HQ. Last minute covers indeed!

Have a listen to the tremolo for yourself.