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I've been hearing rumors buzzing for the past few days, and now this blog post from Hannah Levin over at Seattle Weekly has me giddy with joy. Holy crap, it's so exciting that I'm just gonna show you the whole thing right here:

Well, even though I haven't gotten official word from the man himself (call me back, mister!), I'd say this photographic evidence speaks volumes. This is a picture of Marcus Charles inside the Crocodile taken just last Saturday by local photographer David Choe (a.k.a. "Invisible Hour", who is supposedly documenting the reopening process:


And Jim Anderson back behind the sound booth!:


I've spoken with Charles briefly and he assures me all will be revealed soon and that "a friendly voice and face" are involved. Intriguing. I'll post more news as I have it.


I can't wait to hear the update and find out who's behind the reopening. Anyone out there in imaginary-land know??

This is the best imaginary news I've heard in ages! I'm all a-wootin' over here for the Croc! Wait till Liz gets back from Korea and hears the good news…