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As you likely read earlier today, it's official: Seattle's beloved Crocodile Cafe will reopen! According to Reverb, the venue is set to open in late January/early February 2009.

First of all, let me say YAY once again!!! I can't expressed how excited all of us at TIG are to know the Croc will rise again (and apparently, without that pesky pole in the middle of the showroom, double-yay!). 

Next, a triple threat YAY YAY YAY that soundman Jim Anderson will return to the room he has perfected all these years. Shows always sound amazing at the Croc because of Jim's gifted ear and guidance.

And lastly, what isn't known: Who will book bands for the venue? And who will play the opening night bash? Will Pete and/or Eli return to their old haunt? Will another booker in town (Kwab, Jason Grimes, Greg Garcia) c'mon over to the Croc? Or will it be someone new?

As for the bands… my goodness, there are SO many bands with soft spots for the Croc. It's dazzling to consider who might come out for the opening. Something tells me it probably won't be REM though (or maybe it will)?

Let the imaginary speculations begin!!!