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My not-so-imaginary baby girl is nine days old today. I don't want to brag, but she's amazingly awesome. And she's so smart, with such good taste in music! Her first words were, "Mama, I can't believe it's been 48 hrs and you STILL haven't downloaded the new Magnetic Fields record!!!"

She's right. I'm behind on all sorts of music news.

I'm hoping you, brilliant imaginary readers, can help me. I have precious few minutes to catch up… so if there's one bit of music news/excitement that's happened in the past week, or anything amazing coming up in the near future, can you fill me in?? I'm gonna check this blog post and I'm counting on your wise imaginary words to keep me (somewhat) up-to-date while I'm blissfully lost in newborn land.

And for all those who asked, here's a peek at our beautiful wee one…


xoxo all!