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TIG BABY! (available at CafePress)In case you haven't been following the story, imaginary Dana has been knocked up for a little over 9 months now.

You can imagine how a buzz we've been at imaginary headquarters since about 24 hours ago when imaginary Dana first realized the baby was ready to say hello. We've been following her email updates and funny phone text messages since then, with a bottle of champagne ready for this most exciting announcement:

Ainsley Rose Fiona Bos has arrived!

Baby, mom, dad and kitty Fellini are all stellar and ready to rock!!!

I'm working on Ainsley's welcome home mixtape already! She's going to love the Pipettes song I've chosen. And of course an Elvis song (especially fitting since she shares his birthday!).

Feel free to list any well wishes (or songs you think should be on her welcome home mix) here!

Hello Ainsley!