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I saw the new Joe Strummer movie (The Future Is Unwritten) on Saturday — everyone should go see it (or make sure to put it in your NetFlix cue).

There were a couple questionable parts… with the main flaw being the fact that the filmmaker didn't note who was talking when (I knew who Johnny Depp, Matt Dillon and Bono were… but which one was Bez?). There was more than a slew of noteworthy important types saying thought provoking things, but how am I supposed to know what Bernie Rhodes looks like as a 60 year old guy? 

Print out this IMDB cast list and refer to it as folks appear on screen.  I'll probably rent it and do that when it comes out on DVD, I bet extras are going to be a scream!

Despite all that, the end left me completely teary and touched. So sweet.

Did anyone go see him when he toured with the Mescaleros?