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From StereogumI'm so sad I'm not going to be in Brooklyn tonight at Studio B to partake in what probably is the only time The Thermals will be the backing band for a karaoke night.

To help medicate this sadness, I've been listening to this awesome MP3 release of the Thermals special Insound Tour Support Series (the limited edition cd is long out of print) from It's thirteen tracks consist of four from a KEXP session, six recorded live at San Francisco's Bottom of the Hill, and three acoustic gems.

And, act now, it's LIMITED TO ONLY 1,000 DOWNLOADS!

Is anyone in Brooklyn headed to the Karaoke Relapse night? If so, can you sneak in a recording device and YouTube the night? If IĀ  can't be there in person, reliving the fun over and over via jumpy interweb video technology form could help somewhat soothe the pain of not being there.