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As most of you know, my nights these days have been spent taking care of my brand new (not so imaginary) baby girl, so I've been out of the show-going loop. Each week I mourn the passing of shows I so wish I could see… and tonight is no exception.

Nada Surf. Acoustic. At the sophisticated and glorious Triple Door. Super sigh, I am sad to miss that one. I heard their noontime in-studio at KEXP and it was swoonworthy for sure. I especially love the new track "I Like What You Say," with its refrain that seems particularly appropo in my life right now:

"Baby… lately, I only want to make you happy."

So true, that. Know what would make me happy? Knowing that some imaginary readers out there were lucky enough to get tickets for tonight's sold-out show and will share/gloat about the details for me tomorrow. Any takers?