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There is really nothing like bleak bleak Will Oldham for a bleak bleak Seattle morning. Of course, I don't live in Seattle anymore, instead I get greeted with a sunny and 80 degree day here in Cali-four-ni-yay! So, it coms a little surprise that when you're greeted, first thing in the morning with a song that is filled with sorrow, pain and sadness, well, you feel like you've walked into your own private non sequitar. (I'm not too sure what the actual physical structure of a non sequitar would be, just what maybe you'd be greeted by a host who says "whoops!")

I have to admit, amongst the Palace Music/Brothers ouevre, this is one of the lesser known songs to me, and it is not as totally bleak and stripped down as "(End of) Travelling" or "I Send My Love to You", but there is something captivating and haunting about Oldham's ever-crackling vocals. Sure, lots and lots of people hate it because it can come across as sounding very forced. However, It sounds like, no matter what he's singing, he's pouring his heart and soul out to you, the listerner. Heck, he could probably sing "Yummy Yummy Yummy I've Got Love in My Tummy" and still sound like someone had recently broken his heart, kicked his dog and slashed his tires. He's just got one of those voices, a voice perfect for a dreary morning (even if you are walking by palm trees in the reality) when you just didn't get enough sleep the night before to justify being up so early.