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Cassette Tape Wallets  Photo: BBCThe Lucksmiths wrote a song about it (well, about how the songwriter's lady promised to come back to him when cassingles came back into fashion), and now the BBC has kindly offered a list of 10 uses for cassette tapes (in light of the recent Currys announcement).

There were 83 million music cassettes sold in 1989, but by 2006 it was down to 100,000, excluding audio books and blank tapes. But an estimated 500 million in the UK are still around, no doubt stuck in boxes in dusty lofts or lost behind the back of sofas. What to do with these relics?

The list:
1. Convert from tape to digital
2. Recycling bin
3. Flog them
4. Press play
5. Scare birds
6. Make belt buckles
7. Make wallets
8. Free to good home
9. Bundle paper
10. Child's toy

Who knew the British were so crafty?

And while we're talking about cassette tapes — did you all know about Best Kept Secret? They're an Italian cassette-only label who are keeping the dream alive! The label also releases some pretty stellar indie-pop. Thanks to Swedes Please for reminding me about them (and hosting MP3s from the label).