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Hi! It's me, imaginary Liz, still stuck in the jury duty waiting area… waiting. Besides working on my list of pros and cons of procuring one of the White Stripes-branded USB drives (thanks for the tip Erik), I've been looking around for something juicy in the news. Is it me or  is not that much interesting stuff going on today (or at least YET)?

Sure Britney's mom has an alliance with K-Fed and people are STILL talking about the Sopranos finale, but not much else.

I guess this is cool news: Bob Barker's microphone up for bid on ebay. I just wonder if you'd display it or just walk around your house with it? Shouldn't the Smithsonian have that? It is certainly more exciting than the Sex in the City laptop they have. Surely something from his debonair game show reign will find its way in the 'Sonian? 

Do you guys have any juicy gossip or links you're obsessed with? What have your friends recently forwarded you?