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Maybe with drawn-on beards and no doubt charismatically-weird, CocoRosie are coming to the Showbox at the Market this Friday night.

Sisters Sierra and Bianca’s new album Grey Oceans has caused a minor fuss with those now feigning boredom with their quasi-outsider “schtick,” but as someone who missed liking them when it was keen to do so, I have had a lot of fun with it. Admittedly, most of my love is for “Smokey Taboo” and “Hopscotch,” the former kind of stupid but really fetching if you imagine it as tender teenage poetry set to soft bit-hop, and the latter annoying and compelling with a Shirley Temple-like sample leading into Bjork-style warbling. The rest of it alternately pleasures awkwardly and artfully, and that’s damn straight-OK with me. Until someone hips me to an earlier recorded era in which they blossomed more brilliantly, I’ll enjoy CocoRosie now in my late-discovery ignorance.

With Cibelle opening, CocoRosie should be fun to see live with a bellyful of absinthe or a mildly hallucinogenic brandy, but the good news is that it is an ALL AGES show as well. As long as you damned kids stay out of the bar. Venue opening up at 8 PM, $20 advance and $22 at the door.