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The Secret to a Happy Ending at the Northwest Film Forum: Covering three years of touring and recording by Indie Southern Rock band Drive-By Truckers, this film gets up close and personal with band members as they struggle  through life drama, breakup drama, and just plain drama-drama—all while playing some kick-ass shows. Given my weakness for heartfelt music documentaries (like I Am Trying to Break Your Heart! *sob*), and an admitted fondness for these guys, I feel like I can’t miss this one.


The Girl Who Played with Fire at the Harvard Exit: In a race to beat the American remakes, Swedish Director Daniel Alfredson filmed the second and third installments in the popular “Millennium” trilogy (based on the books by Stieg Larsson) back-to-back. Kick-ass hacker/action heroine/partly insane Lisbeth Salander returns, and this time she’s really pissed because a bunch of jerks framed her for murder. I was a big fan of the first (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and although this is a new Director, I’m confident I’ll love this as well. I’m just caught in my own race to finish the book before I see it.


The Shining at The Egyptian: The midnight movie choice of champions! If you’ve never seen Jack Nicholson disintegrate into madness on the big screen, now’s your chance. All those clips they play over and over in horror movie montages? They’re even scarier when you see them put together as a whole. You’ll have nightmares about those sing-song-y twin girls, trust me. And no one has even been able to duplicate that river of blood flowing from the elevators. No. ONE. Viva la Kubrick!