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9 (at the Neptune, AMC Pacific Place and Oak Tree Cinemas): I’m trying to ignore the song playing in this trailer, because frankly it gives me a headache, but the animation is so mind-blowingly awesome and I’m such a sucker for dark, creepy animation that I absolutely HAVE to get out and see this immediately. Check it out:


It Might Get Loud (at the Egyptian): Electric Guitar love as told by Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White. This sounds (get it???) too good to miss.


Confessionsofa Ex-Doofus-Itchyfooted Mutha (at Northwest Film Forum): 75-year-old Melvin Van Peebles wrote, directed, and stars (playing himself from age 10-47), in his own coming-of-age story based on the 1982 Broadway show Waltz of the Stork. Sounds weird, right? It gets weirder:


BONUS: The Egyptian’s midnight special is PURPLE RAIN. You know you wanna watch Morris Day and The Time smarm up the stage and laugh at Apolonia 6 (but there’s only 3! What the what?) as they shake it to Sex Shooter in lingerie.  Also, Prince is serious, you guys. I mean, seriously serious. You can tell by his constant scowl…and his, um. Puppet.

Prince and his puppet