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Were you all tuned to our favorite local talk radio show last night? If you were (or if you’ve already listened to the podcast of last night’s show) you’ve heard the bad news: Too Beautiful To Live (TBTL) lived up to it’s name… well, as far as KIRO is concerned.

As you can see by the 150+ comments on their open thread blog post for last night’s show, you and I are not alone in our hardcore lovin of the Luke, Jen, and Sean and our sadness that they were “let go” by the police scanner-obsessed meanies at KIRO.  The only bright part of all of this is that the show will live on in the podcast-iverse and we can follow along on the website (still pointing to their page at the moment).

I do have faith that there are a bunch of other radio stations that are chomping at the bit to provide a home to TBTL, but at least in the meantime they’ve promised to continue on via podcast so we wont have severe withdrawl symptoms. I wonder if there’s something we can do to show our support and help them move on to their next ruling TBTL stage? T-shirts or a bake sale?

How are you coping?