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Tasseomancy: Ulalume
I shouldn't even like this. But I do. Twin sisters Sari and Romy Lightman infuse their folky music with a dreamy, Julee Cruise-esque feel and beautiful vocals. Basically, listening to Ulalume feels like you're in a fuzzy, drug-induced haze. Napping might seem like a good idea too — until you realize the tunes will probably fuel crazy Gothic-fairy-tale-tinged nightmares.


Young Antiques: A Man, Not a Biography
There's something familiar about this. Dare I say it kind of reminds of Rick Springfield? (I totally mean that a a compliment, you guys.) It's that kind of easy-to-listen and dance to mix of rock and power pop that inserts itself into your psyche until you find yourself humming along. 


Witches: Forever
I fell a little in love with this band from the first notes. Cara Beth Satalino's deep, haunting voice pulled me in (that girl seems to have a lot of bands!), and then I stuck around for the heartfelt melodies. Plus, they provided a lyrics sheet. WHICH EVERYBODY NEEDS TO DO EVER (or so my inner 13-year-old girl thinks), just FYI. Take a listen to "Creature of Nature" and "Black Dog" and see if you feel the same way.