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Remedy TeasLast Friday, though the sun was shining in all its early spring glory, igLiz and I met indoors work party at one of our favorite free wi-fi cafes, Remedy Tea.

While we were there, a reporter from the Seattle PI came over and asked what we were working on our laptops. Her name is Monica and she writes a weekly post to her blog called "Weekend Wi-Fi" where she documents what the common people are doing from the laptops whilst in Internet cafes.

She had no idea of the mouthful she was going to get from the imaginary girls (New website! Our imagi-blog! Our other favorite blogs! How TIG met! igLiz's perpetual Craigslist search for the perfect Capitol Hill parking spot! Even the story about how I met my fella online and then subsequently at a show!). All good times, all squeezed into one-third of her Weekend Wi-fi column. Thanks, Monica.

{And yes, it's another gloriously sunny spring day, and I'm sitting in yet another free wi-fi Internet cafe documenting this. Viva le Caffeine!}