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The Shaky HandsPortland's The Shaky Hands is about to release one of our favorite records (local or otherwise) so far for 2007, a self-titled debut of jangles, hooks, and delectable pop-sensibilities (the band has been in high iPod rotation for me since I got the release).

I just received a link to the band's latest endeavor: a music video for the track "Why and How Come?" It was directed by Whitey McConnaughy (Panther, The Shins, The Thermals, Band of Horses) and I've already watched it four times (heading for a fifth as soon as I finish writing this). The song rocks with elegant subtely, and the video cracks me up; I love the joyous uninhibited dancing set against the sullen hipster text messaging during their show (I've been guilty of both).

And oh yea — the record officially releases on Holocene Records tomorrow. I can't recommend it highly enough.

Ready to fall in love with the Shaky Hands?