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Our August visit as guests on KEXP's Audioasis was fun as ever. Abe Beeson graciously let us play our favorite local songs of the moment. Our next appearance will be Saturday, October 8th.

Listen in!

{7:02} The Pharmacy — "Waste of Breath"
Seattle-based band, The Pharmacy was just what the imaginary doctor ordered to start this radio show off with a bang {insert bad pun cringe here}. Their debut album B.F.F. combines the wackiness of Boat with a DIY garage punk sound. Looking for a fresh take on the Moldy Peaches? Pick up this album ASAP.

It's one of my albums of the year so far. Seriously. I was just working on my list.

{7:05} New West Motels — "Beautiful"
Oh yeah? Well New West Motels frontman Rob Sharp is one of my favorite imaginary email friends of the year so far. Even if you've never heard the band, you should join their mailing list just so you can get emails from Rob.

But while you're at it, check out the band. They're comprised of ex-members of Neko Case & Her Boyfriends and Fairgrove, and this track in particular has become a car CD fave this summer with its hooks and jangles. Plus, the band recently performed (with the Turn Ons) at the Skate King in Bellevue. Neat!

{7:12} Lillydale — "The Dove and the Snake"
Before our trek down to KEXP, we listened to this song time and time again trying to figure out who the lead singer of Lillydale sounded like. Dana and Abe Beeson thought John Lydon. They have a point. But the way that frontman Josie O Markevich holds his notes, the aural resemblance to Mark Greaney of JJ72 is uncanny.

Listen to the track and decide for yourself.

{7:16} Three Thirty-Eight and an Eye — "Washing Machine"
I think it's important to spice up mundane household tasks by giving them their very own theme song, which is why I love the track "Washing Machine" from Portland band Three Thirty-Eight and an Eye. Thanks to this They Might Be Giants-esque quartet I'll never forget the vital steps to getting my clothes dirt-free!

How could you not like a band that self-describes itself as, "If Willy Wonka and Kermit the Frog were They Might Be Giants?"

You should have seen Abe dance during the rinse cycle part. It was like the fire of the fifties twist crazy, reborn.

And now we all know not to mix our whites with dark colors. Wash with light colors. It's lo-fi, it's fun, and it's functional. What a creation! Highly recommended.

{7:23} boy crazy — "Ophelia"
Here's one from the imaginary archives! Although boy crazy is no longer together, they've left us with two Magic Marker Records releases to replay over and over whenever we need a blast of Portland's version of the Hidden Cameras. The boy/girl vocals over classic pop melodies make me think they could do one hellava cover of the Archies' "Sugar, Sugar." Also of note, the band features Rachel Blumberg, who you know and love as the drummer for the Decemberists.

{7:27} Kelli Hanson — "Circles"
We ended the night with local artist Kelli Hanson, who recently released her second full-length Lullaby for an Astronaut, a disc full of diverse, dark, sparsely orchestrated melodies. Not your typical singer-songwriter, the album has sounds ranging from Brit-pop to folk to the Moroccan oud, held together by tight production values and spot-on songwriting. An intriguing black horse local release, and one worth checking out.

Speaking of checking out, that's all we've got for this time.

Whoa. Nice segue!

Aww, thanks. We're already planning for our next setlist, so go ahead and send your local CDs our way. We'll be on the air again Saturday, October 8th, so mark your calendars!