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On Saturday night, February 5th, we had the honor of appearing on KEXP's great local show Audioasis with the fabulous Lisa Wood. We had a blast watching the live in-studio performances by Reed and Kultur Shock, and then got play a few of our favorite local imaginary tracks of the moment.

Here's our setlist, with some info and links for each band. If you want to hear the songs (and hear us prattle on with Lisa), click here to visit the KEXP Streaming Archive, and select February 5, 2005 at 7p to hear our set.

So without further ado, our setlist:

7:03 Slender Means "Telepathic Lovesick Heart"
Slender Means is in the studio right now with Martin Feveyear, so while you can't get your hands on this track yet, expect it in the first half of 2005. Hear more Slender Means at their website, and catch them at the Crocodile Cafe when they open for Bettie Serveert on February 22nd.

7:05 The Jeunes "Time is on My Side"
Like this song? You can download it! Want more? The Jeunes have a bunch of other album and live tracks available for download on their website. The Jeunes are performing with the Catch, Infomatik, and Ms. Led at the Paradox on 2/12, and at the Imaginary Wedding on 2/20 at the Crocodile.

7:08 Tullycraft "Stowaway"
From the forthcoming Magic Marker Records release, Disenchanted Hearts Unite, Tullycraft pulls out all the stops on this song with Wedding Present-ish guitar, delicious backing vocals and a climactic drum solo. Join us in counting down to the early May release date of this album.

7:17 The Long Ranger "Burnin' (Notis Edit)"
Like the Faint? Yer gonna love the Long Ranger. This track made KEXP intern Sharlese Metcalf come bouncing into the studio and ask, "Who's the sexy band?" and made Lisa Wood crack porn jokes. Good times. The band is a brother-sister duo, and shares a member from local band the Stereo Future – hence the website address. Get ready to shake your stuff.

7:20 The Upskirts "Tube Top"
Fans of alliteration, infectious punk-pop, and tunes about articles of clothing are gonna love Tube Top Tease, the debut EP from the Upskirts.

7:23 Boat "Allergic to Us"
Boat has emailed each of the imaginary girls approximately 27 times. They once requested that we, "be the first to see our giant cardboard sailboat set sail……in the ocean of homemade rock and roll." After listening to their self-released EP Songs You Might Not Like, we were hooked on their excavation early Shins (aka Flake Music) with an art school education. We expect more email soon.

7:30 Sameer Shukla "Cheap Cheap Moon" While Sameer Shukla has yet to release, There's Only One Side Tonight yet, I bet if you email and ask him really nice, he can get you a copy. Or wait a short while — I'm sure some smart local label will scope up this pop gem soon. Fans of local band Dolour will be happy to hear Shane Tutmarc's influence on the arrangement as well as some backup vocals, if our ears don't deceive us. Catch Sameer at the Crocodile on February 8th with Graham Travis and Matthew Shaw — a stellar singer-songwriter lineup!

7:33 Key Note Speaker "In The Air"
Key Note Speaker features members from Seattle bands American School of Warsaw, and on this track they get vocal help from the amazing Jen Wood (Black Heart Procession, the Postal Service). While their album Fiction isn't quite released yet, you can listen to a track on their website, and hear them perform live on Audioasis on March 26th at 6p PST.