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It's rainy and a bit gray outside. And as much as I love not having to worry about getting sunburned, it is a good thing we have KEXP to be our aural pick me up cup of coffee. On a recent Saturday evening, we were able to be a part of KEXP's Audioasis action. We combed our mailbin and the internet and found some songs we're excited to share with you, our like-minded indie-rock friends.

{7:08} Speaker Speaker — "Statues/Shadows"
We snagged this track from Speaker Speaker's self-released EP, Again & Again & Again (apparently they like repetition). I instantly recognized the album art as one of my favorite local designer, Jesse LeDoux's work. You know that Shin's Chutes to Narrow album that is die cut and folds like a mini children's book?… that's Jesse.

Speaker Speaker packs more punch in a two-minute song than a spoonful of wasabi. You can listen to them again and again and again on. Their website has a bunch of streaming mp3's. Or, if you prefer something more along the lines of a live show, they have a show on December 22, 2005 at Chop Suey with The Senate Arcade, Juhu Beach, and White Gold.

{7:10} For Better or for Awesome — "Six Eight Equals Two"
For Better or for Awesome is a lo-fi garage-rock project of love from Andrew Moore of Kane Hodder (Guitar/Vocals) and ex-Catch drummer Alissabeth Newton (Drums/Vocals). It's a classic Seattle love story: Boy in band meets girl in band. They fall in love. They get married. They form a new band. They live happily ever after.

Alissa told me they gave away recordings of these songs at their wedding earlier this year. How sweet is that? No record or tour dates yet, but they have made their radio debut.

{7:14} Boat — "Clogged Castle"
Boat use lo-fi Shins and early Kinks smarts to write catchy melodies that are all at once charming, quirky, and beguiling. Live, they are overachievers with their on-stage construction paper cutouts, audience participation instrumentation, Christmas lights and free pudding. Off stage they are just as diligent. This year they have self-recorded and self-released two albums and an EP {with a double album set to be released in January, 2006}… all of which are in the running for a spot on my best of the year list!

Check them our yourself on Wednesday, November 16 at the Crocodile Cafe with Cars Can Be Blue and The Withholders. Or if ninjas take you captive and you can't escape for the show, go see them November 17 at the Nectar Lounge with White Gold, The Blakes and Crown Aruba. Or even better, go to both shows. That's what I'm doing.

{7:23} Daylight Basement — "Godspeed Girl"
Bre of Kuma, Dejha from the Rotten Apples, Davis from Maktub, and David from The Jeunes got together to form this super group. They've been together less than three months and have a self-released debut album, Any Kind of Pretty, scheduled for release in early December and are diligently booking gigs*. How's that for super? Any Kind of Pretty was recorded at London Bridge with Jonathan Plum. The MP3 for this track, "Godspeed Girl," is available for download right here!

Daylight Basement are less theatrical than Kuma, instead shifting their emphasis to whipsmart song-writing and big fun. The lyrics — brainy in the best Exile in Guyville way — come alive with Bre's unmatchable, sensual voice. She sizzles in a Lena Lovich meets Dale Bozzio meets Gwen Stefani sort of way. Her vocals soar over bouncy nu-wave electronics and fancy-pants, lush rock instrumentation. What's so funny is you have no idea how excited you are to hear this record. Seriously. And don't miss them live.

{7:27} Palisades — "This is How I Lay"
Palisades hail from Bellingham and we found them via the Bellingham Popular Music Festival website (they were part of the weekend-long benefit music-fest in early November, 2005). The songs we found via their myspace account are progressive yet playful indie rock melodies that hit mellow valleys and playfully abrasive peaks. And Palisades isn't the only musical outlet for this duo; Both Eli and Josh have their own side projects. You can check out Elijah's solo material here and Josh's experimental acoustic/electronic side project here.

{7:38} Airport Cathedral — "Cure-Alls"
The newest Burning Buildings Records release is the album Jetlag by Airport Cathedral. With vocals comparable to a softer J. Mascis and Pedro the Lion song stylings, Airport Cathedral have made one introspective, beguiling album. They have a free show booked for January 13, 2006 at the Mars Bar & Café Venus (best macaroni and cheese EVER!). 

{7:42} Blue Checkered Record Player — "Rocketship"
Blue Checkered Record Player is not only one my top five tongue twister band names, they're also a contestant for my top local releases of 2005 — and not just because they have a song called "Imaginary Halos." Known for his previous and current musical endeavors {Fields of Mars, Lying on Loot, Bugs in Amber, and currently Slender Means}, BCRP is Sonny Votol
ato's solo project. Piano, organ, violin, cello, flute, saw, and drums alluringly intermingle throughout the self-titled record (released on Esoterik Musik). It is acoustic music with an orchestral and sometimes moody feel. BCRP's next show is November 18, 2005 at the Vera Project with Rocky Votolato, The Epochs and Invisible {all ages}. 

So get yourself to a show. And if you find yourself in front of a radio on Saturday, December 3rd tune in to KEXP to hear our {un}imaginary voices. Who knows? We just might play your band.

'til then…