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After much deliberation, here’s my top ten for 2007.

  1. Radiohead – In Rainbows
    After all this time the new record arrives with out a hint of disappointment. They are the best band on the planet right now. Their catalog of work hurts this record in some ways i.e., “it’s not as good as OK Computer” or “I like The Bends better”, that’s fine but In Rainbows was still the best record of 2007.
  2. Menomena – Friend and Foe
    I couldn’t really get into this record until I saw them live and then it all came together. Musicianship, harmony AND whistling; ain’t nothing wrong with that.
  3. Wilco – Sky Blue Sky
    This album got bagged on all over the place (Sky Boring Sky, dad-rock, classic rock, radio rock, etc.) but I thought it was an interesting example of what sobriety can do for a band. I love all the Wilco records and enjoy the eccentricities of their previous releases, but Sky Blue Sky was the first one that seemed like a complete and coherent thought. Plus I love classic rock so that probably helped.
  4. !!! – Myth Takes
    I played this album to death when it first came out. “Heart of Hearts” and “Bend Over Beethoven” are two of the best tracks of the year in my book.
  5. Peter, Bjorn and John – Writers Block
    I’m not sure if this is 2006 or 2007 or both, but whatever it’s a great record. I’m still not tired of “Young Folks” and the rest of the album is damn catchy as well.
  6. Arcade Fire – Neon Bible
    I’m guilty of judging this record against their previous (yes, I know this makes me a hypocrite considering my remarks about Radiohead above) which really isn’t fair. It took me a while to appreciate this record on its own, once I stopped looking for Funeral part II; I was able to enjoy Neon Bible.
  7. LCD Soundsystem – Sound of Silver
    For me, this isn’t a record that I can sit down and listen to front to back, but it’s a great singles record. Just this week I heard a track on a video game and then heard another song on KEXP. I like every song on this record, but for some reason the parts are much greater than the whole for me.
  8. Chemical Brothers – We Are The Night
    There are a bunch of good songs on this record. I love “The Salmon Dance,” I can’t help it, every time I hear it I smile and my day gets a little brighter.
  9. Digitalism – Idealism
    Nothing like a little German electronica to get you going.
  10. Cave Singers – Invitation Songs
    I saw them play at Easy Street for their CD release and didn’t dig it. A few weeks went by and I ended up with Invitation Songs somehow or another and couldn’t believe it was the same band. Love the record, didn’t dig the show, I’ll see them again to try and solve this conundrum. On a side note, can you believe these guys don’t have a Wikipedia page?

Honorable Mention:

  • Burial – Untrue
  • Jonny Greenwood – There Will Be Blood Soundtrack

    Both of these records sound amazing. Perfectly arranged and composed. That being said the times when I come home and thrown on either of these will be few and far between.

Bands with Deer in their names that almost made the list:

  • Deerhoof – Friend Opportunity
  • Deerhunter – Cryptograms

Bands with Bear in their names that almost made the list:

  • Grizzly Bear – Friend
  • Panda Bear