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Yesterday, I wrote about what I was sure would be an epic event: The Beard/Off at the Funhouse between Sir Thomas Gray of Champagne Champagne and Terry Radjaw of Mad Rad. By all accounts (my Twitter feed went crazy last night), it was a great game. Line Out has the most detailed recap I’ve read yet.

Tonight, Mad Rad is playing their first show with a beardless Radjaw. The press release that went out this morning said:

Our pals in Head Like A Kite are murdering it lately, gaining all sorts of much-deserved praise and attentionThe boys in Dyme Def will be returning to the stage, and we are still loving that EP they released a little while back.  And, Mad Rad?  Forget about it, we’ve got some big Northwest history taking place with them this August 14.

For the first time in the group’s history, Mad Rad will be performing with a beardless Terry Radjaw.  Yes, indeed, dear media friends, the word on the street is true: Radjaw was defeated on the Funhouse court by Sir Thomas Gray Thursday night, in a brutally close game of one-on-one hoop.  It was a hard-fought game, filled with all sorts of ignored technical fouls, spilled beer,  and more swagger than you have seen in a minute.

Two men entered with beards, and only one exited with his glorious facial hair.  The result?  A whole lot of fun and, now, the chance to see a naked-faced Terry Radjaw and his band of merry men take the stage at the Crocodile on Friday for the very first time.

The doors open to this great show at 8 ($10, 21+) with Mad Rad going on first. I’ll be getting there early to try to lobby for a sequel: Beard/Off 2: Shave Harder, featuring Gray defending his Beard/Off title against Iron & Wine’s Sam Beam.