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Chona Kasinger Photo Show

It's only natural that we are jazzed about tonight's photo exhibition grand opening at Bookr. It combines a couple things we love dearly: live music and portrait photography that captures the fantastic energy and magic of a live show and the performers AND Chona Kasinger.

We've been a big Chona fan ever since she snapped her first photos for Three Imaginary Girls.  Since then, she's flourished into a really big deal.  Her photos have appeared online and in the lovely printed pages of Rolling Stone, Spin, and Paste Magazine, just to namedrop a few.

The photo exhibition kicks off tonight (March 7, 2012) at 5:30p and runs through 8:30p at an open house at Bookr (600 N. 36th St. Suite 400 in Fremont, on the 4th floor of the Space building across from the Lenin statue). If you aren't already in love with Chona, Bookr posted a neat interview with her about how all this happened. 

And did we mention there will be refreshments?!