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Tonight at Chop Suey is a show that has piqued our interest for *purely medicinal* reasons. The line up is full of atmospheric indie rockers national and local.

Washington DC's Dead Meadow, with their weighty retro-metal overtones, brings back memories of our beloved Michael X: the first imaginary boy on staff. Michael X provided TIG with some of the finest moments of journalism to date. We still re-read his not one, but two reviews of the White Stripes album Elephant. We've been trying to figure out if a petition or letter writing campaign will get him out of his greener pastures hiding.

Also on the bill are Seattle-ites Hypatia Lake, who have provided the imaginaries with their fair share of Pink Floyd-esque music-induced hallucinations. Spindrift, who imaginary Dana and I encountered why camping out space for the SXSW Matt and Kim show, is part hippy/part psychedelic group with two drummers, a handful of guitarists and an tabletop accordion-type player.

The evening’s line-up of "overarching 1970’s psychedelic influence updated with indierock technology" bands will be a good time for medicinal-users of all kinds.

And long live Michael X!