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Everclear known/believed fact: I dig the Everclear. There's nothing you can say to convince me that the album So Much For The Afterglow isn't a catchy, lyrically smart work of rock n roll.

Sure they've acheived glossy commercial success and lead singer Art Alexakis relies a bit to heavily on the trademark "Yeah" mid song against a backdrop of guitar silence followed by chunky hook (it's for emphasis man!), but Everclear's songs are catchy, fun, and one of the few commercial rock things I've listened to over and over on road trips. More than just cheeseball anthems (I admit there are a couple in the EC catalog), Everclear's songs can dig into the lost soul in each of us; their songs about being a deserted child ("Father of Mine") or the effects of drug abuse ("Heroin Girl"), have been known to bring a tear to my eye on several occasions.

The band lost me when they released the 2 part Songs from an American Movie schtick — but if they pull out songs from So Much For The Afterglow or the preceeding album Sparkle and Fade at tonight's Croc show, Mr. Alexakis will have earned his frosted tips and I will be a happy camper.

Now it's your turn… spin the bottle and tell me your deep dark little known/believed fact.