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john roderick - Laura Musselman

I'm not sure exactly what is going on at the Tractor tonight, but I do know it's going to be one hellava hoot. With that much personality set to take the stage in the course of ONE night, it'll be a bill to remember:

  • John Wesley Harding & Eugene Mirman
  • Jon Auer
  • John Roderick
  • Thee Sgt Major III
  • Sherman Alexie

John + Jon + John + Sgt + Sherman? Will there be a quotable exclamations? Nonstop witty banter? Amazing bearded riffs? Yes to all of the above. Must. get. to. Tractor. tomorrow. night.

And if you have the radio on as your make your way to the Tractor tomorrow, make sure to listen to me and Dana on KIRO {97.3 FM) at 9p. We're going to be on TBTL's AwesomeNotAwesome segment talking up all the Top of the Croc show goodness (April 4th / The Crocodile}.

(thanks for the vintage photo Laura Musselman!)