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Choklate is the Northwest's best soul singer, with a big and powerful voice. Tonight she celebrates the release of her newest album, To Whom It May Concern, with two shows at The Triple Door (one at 7 and one at 9:30).

When I caught her at Bumbershoot last year, I wrote:

She introduced herself as "your very own home-grown, soul singer chick". Choklate, the local soul/R&B star was backed by an 11-piece funk band, was one of the highlights of my Bumbershoot. She has a big, booming voice and a ton of charisma. Her set, though, was as much about the other musicians behind her as it was about Choklate herself. She seemed sincere and genuine and that was evident when she promoted her band at nearly every opportunity and told us about their other projects. One more reason: when she played "Dedicated to Music" she said she wanted to write a love song at the time she wrote that song but wasn't in love then.

I saw her again open for Estelle a couple of months ago but here this is her own show in one of the finest venues in town. I can't imagine the night being anything less than spellbinding in The Triple Door.

The weekend isn't over yet. What else were you going to do?

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  • Jeremy Jay, Sonic Boom in-store {3pm, Capitol Hill}*
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