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The Thermals: a power trio of pop punk (or post-punk-pop. or whatever posty way you want to label them) players that gives more bang for the buck with shorter songs and longer playlists than the average show–and all within the same time frame that everyone else draws out their 13-song set.

Lucky for us, tonight The Thermals are stopping at Neumos in support of their latest album, Now We Can See. We haven't seen a full album from the band for three years because the Thermals have been busy touring and shuffling through drummers (an unlucky position, I've lost count of how many have presided on that hot seat). The band's current line up includes Hutch Harris and Kathy Foster, two of the band's original members who are joined by Westin Glass (formerly from local band Say Hi, formerly known as Say Hi to Your Mom).

Should you decide to attend, you'll find yourself:

  • in a bass-induced trance without the aid of anything but the sweet sight of Kathy's fingers flying bare across her bass-strings. This girl's intense energy will Move You in ways that might involve dancing.
  • thinking about entering a sweaty pit of dancing and moshing. Shorter songs = less time for elbows in kidneys and more time to breath.
  • happy. I've never been to a Thermals show I haven't liked, and I make a point to catch them whenever they're in town.

While most of their shows will never make my top 10 best-ever because showmanship isn't high on their list, their interaction with fans and the solid craftmanship of their music makes The Thermals one of my music staples.

Oh, but don't take my word for it. Listen to a few favorites:

"How we Know" from their first album, Fuckin A. This is how we know, this is how we go, this is why you will fall in love with The Thermals.


"Pillar of Salt" from their post-apocalyptic album The Body, The Blood, The Machine. Watch for dancing nuns and pillow fights.



The first video from their brand spankin' new album Now We Can See. Title track.