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Judges Cathy Ann, Dow, and Kirsten, pre-anally bleached

Tonight's show at the Crocodile brings together things political action and eminent indie rock entertainers to raise awareness and, more tangibly, funds for the political campaign to elect Dow Constantine King County Executive.

The event is hosted with by a long list of local luminaries (including but not limited to Krist Novoselic, Gene Stout, and Kyla Fairchild) who have gathered a exceptionally fine line-up of guests to take the stage:

  • John Roderick
  • Carrie Akre
  • DJ K-NOw
  • Kristen Ward
  • … and expect additional surprises

The show starts at 8p and it only takes a suggested general admission donation of $25 to get through the door. Three of the many reasons to support Dow, a strong supporter of all things Seattle music "scene":

  • Dow is an effective environmental leader – saving green spaces around Puget Sound & leading the process to finally build 30 miles of light rail to connect Seattle and surrounding communities
  • With experience in small business and as the son of school teachers, Dow understands what jobs make our economy work and works to put the county on the cutting edge of job creation & preservation
  • Dow has worked tirelessly for more than 15 years behind the scenes for the Northwest Music Community, lobbying to preserve all ages shows, fund Vera, and stop overly restrictive nightlife regulations

If you're looking for something else, check out the other things on the TIG calendar:

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 (Photo of Dow and friends at a 2005 Iron Composer show by Gregory Perez)