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I dare you to find a person who attended February 19th Nana Grizol show at the Vera Project who didn't think that Nana Grizol didn't completely upstage the evening's headliners, Music Tapes. I don't mean to start any GA gang wars with my declarations of better-ness, but the show, which marked Nana Grizol's first Seattle performance, was one of my favorites of the year so far.

Nana Grizol completely charmed the audience with their brand of sweet jangle of their Athens, GA indie-rock that makes folks unabashedly dance to their hooky stories about good times with friends hooks and coy affairs of the heart.

And, how could 2009 get any better? Theo (lead front guy songwriter dude) is coming back to town to perform a very special one-man show in a very small, shall I say intimate, setting at New Crompton.

Join me as we hug and laugh and giggle the night away in underground splendor with the four very fine acts on the bill: