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The Pop Oracle is back.

The long-running program Radio8Ball has found a home and will be a regular, Wednesday night event at Little Red Studio (in South Lake Union).

The idea behind Radio8Ball, as I understand it is that it was created by Andras Jones, who also hosts the program, and he's joined by a musical guest and they answer the audience's questions about life through song.

Actually, the Radio8Ball website explains it better than I do:

Part experimental theater. Part rock and roll cabaret. Part mystic mind-expansion. The Radio8Ball Show is a night of live rock and roll divination hosted by Andras Jones featuring a different live musical guest every night. In the stage show the songs are chosen by spinning a large wheel that determines which song the artist plays as the answer to the question. Although the use of a spinning wheel as an element of a rock and roll show is nothing new (Elvis Costello pioneered the song wheel idea on his late-80's tours) its use for divination in this show is a neat twist on an old idea.

It will be a regular, weekly event at Little Red Studio (save for next Wednesday) and future guests will include Sue Quigley, Dream Date and Andrea Wittgens. This week's guest is Jen Ayers, whose history includes playing the part of Steven Tyler in an all-woman Aerosmith cover band (called Dream On) as well as recording a forthcoming solo record.

More info on Radio8Ball can be found at its website,

What else would you do?

  • Loney Dear/Grand Hallway/Headlights, Crocodile !
  • Kris Orlowski/Avians Alight/The Beautiful Confusion, Chop Suey
  • Young Love/Paper Route, Nectar*
  • Imperial Legions Of Rome/Ocean Of Algebra/Themes/BoomSnake, High Dive
  • This Is The Process Of A Still Life/Masami Kawaguchi/Bill Horist, Funhouse
  • Man Party/Fun Fun Fun/Portable Morla, Sunset Tavern
  • Leon Russell/Jeff Fielder, Tractor
  • Young Love/Paper Route/Funeral Party, Nectar*
  • Mae/Barcelona/Person L/Tokyo, Neumo's*
  • Flight Of The Conchords, Paramount Theatre* !