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Even though I've known about this show for months, have written about it and even made my first-ever international phone call to interview an actual member of The Vaselines, I'm still having trouble containing my joy for this show.

I missed their set at SP20 last summer, for whatever stupid reason, so this show at Neumo's will make up for it. Touring to support the recently-released, gorgeous 2-disc set on Sub Pop, Enter the Vaselines, Frances McKee and Eugene Kelly are embarking on their very first North American tour.

At SP20, my brilliant friend imaginary stella wrote:

If you've been wondering why it's been so long since we've played," joked McKee, "it's because I've been kidnapped." She and Kelly proceeded to make repeated lewd jokes throughout their set, and concluded with the sexually tense, dance-club hit "You Think You're a Man." All around, indie rockers and aging hipsters alike smiled and danced as the banter continued.

It may be going on two decades past due, but somewhere, Kurt Cobain is smiling.

Really, I can't wait. Here's some footage of the first show on this tour, in San Francisco on Sunday night, playing "Rory Rides Me Raw":

What else would you do tonight?

  • Daniel G Harmann/Shelby Earl/Eric Anderson/Laura Kelley, Fremont Abbey Arts Center
  • PD Elementary/Devices/The SSRIs, Chop Suey
  • Jacob Carver & The Sympathetic Strangers/KJ Sherman/Dylan Morrison, High Dive
  • Shit Gets Smashed/Hostas/Dirtworshipper, Sunset Tavern
  • Leon Russell/Jeff Fielder, Tractor
  • Palace Of Buddies/Breaker Breaker/Pillow Fight Fight, Comet
  • Patrick Watson, Crocodile
  • Hot Tuna/Loudon Wainwright III, Moore Theatre*
  • Vaselines, Neumo's* !
  • Flight Of The Conchords, Paramount Theatre* !