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Ever wonder how people come to find Three Imaginary Girls? I like to geek out over such things, and happily, Google Analytics provides me with all the keyword deets I need.

Some of the search terms were predictable (like, um, "three imaginary girls" as the top hit). And we always see a good number of local bands getting heavily searched upon; this month saw Fleet Foxes (#2) and Grand Archives (#6) both generating lots of buzz, as well as Eric Lashes (#7), Tea Cozies (#19), Cave Singers (#20), Natalie Portman's Shaved Head (#23), Mono in VCF (#26), Chris Walla (#33), The Blakes (#38), Carissa's Wierd (#39), PWRFL Power (#43), and Jenni Potts (#44). The multiple search terms for Sasquatch 2008 were also no surprise.

And then there are the naughties. Somehow we ranked loads of hits for the charming words "fuck photo," "eat my ass," and "hermione's boobs." Our mothers are so proud.

And we always get a few mysteries. Pete Greenberg, we're looking at you, Mister #20. That's a whole lotta searches for one of our favorite bookers. We have a few odd Amy Winehouse related search terms in there at numbers 29 and 40. Not sure why so many people searched those terms so specifically. Ditto goes for "imaginary ditto cocker karaoke."

Anyhoozle, for the keyword curious, here's the full top 50 ways folks found TIG in Google last month:

  1. three imaginary girls
  2. fleet foxes
  3. live show
  4. nikki monninger
  5. baby dee
  6. grand archives
  7. eric lashes bumbershoot
  8. silversun pickups
  9. have a nice life deathconsciousness
  10. kings of leon threeimaginarygirls
  11. sasquatch 2008
  12. pete greenberg
  13. threeimaginarygirls
  14. libertines crocodile
  15. the toothaches
  16. wolf parade new album
  17. imaginary ditto cocker karaoke
  18. deathconsciousness
  19. tea cozies seattle
  20. the cave singers
  21. sasquatch 2008 lineup
  22. 3 imaginary girls
  23. natalie portman's shaved head
  24. khaela maricich
  25. modest mouse everett review
  26. mono in vcf
  27. upskirts
  28. dengue fever band
  29. me and the wine house three imaginary girls
  30. girls
  31. matt costa el corazon flickr
  32. fuck photo
  33. chris walla
  34. eat my ass
  35. hermione boobs
  36. three imaginary girls pains of being pure at heart
  37. tender forever
  38. the blakes lyrics
  39. carissa's wierd
  40. yes i been black, but when i come back
  41. liveshow
  42. pwrfl power college
  43. have a nice life – deathconsciousness
  44. jenni potts
  45. valentine's day love songs
  46. have a nice life deathconsciousness
  47. the vera project, "program director"
  48. dominique durand
  49. elisa jordana
  50. go fever portland